There is changed traffic conditions on Ballarat Road for the festival on Sunday 4 March, 2018. Please observe the speed limits and abide by all traffic signs.

Here are some handy tips that will ensure you have a pleasant experience on your way to the festival grounds.

Handy tips

  • Limited parking available on the festival grounds before midday. Due to safety reasons, if you park on the grounds, you will not be able to leave with your vehicle until 10pm. This is classified as ‘All day parking.’
  • Limited parking available next door at the Brimbank Community Market carpark.
  • You may consider looking for parking next to Reid Street and Carrington Street in designated parking areas and then walking to the festival grounds.
  • Please consider sharing a vehicle with friends to ensure that you can find carpark quickly and enjoy the festivities.
  • Please consider catching a taxi/uber to the festival.
  • Do not park on the nature strip or in ‘no standing’ zones. You will be fined.
  • Do not park opposite the festival venue on Ballarat road and attempt to illegally cross the road.
  • If you are having troubles finding a carpark, you may want to consider parking at 547 Ballarat Road at the North Cyprus Turkish Community Centre and then using public transport to come to the festival
  • Using public transport is a good option. Park your car at Albion Station (closer) or Ginifer Station and catch the bus to the Festival grounds. See Public Transport Victoria website for timetable information.

We encourage all guests to be patient and safe when disembarking from a vehicle or public transport.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy the festival.


618 Ballarat Road, Ardeer 3022
(Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community grounds)


60 spaces at venue next door. Consider Reid St.
60 long term spaces at venue.